The BIOMETORE project - Biodiversity in seamounts: the Madeira-Tore and Great Meteor was present in the session "Data requirements in Fisheries Science: collecting, integrating and sharing" of the the 3rd International Conference on Technology and Engineering (MARTECH 2016), held in Lisbon from  4 to 6 July.
This session, organized by IPMA, focused on the information requirements to support fisheries science and management. The role of different sources of information was addressed, including electronic monitoring systems, satellite-based data, remote detection through acoustic surveys or image collection and ocean observation technologies through AUVs.
The goal was to stimulate the discussion on the importance of the integration, analysis and interpretation of several sources of information as a support to the development of management plans in remote marine areas, with a special focus on the Atlantic seamounts of the Madeira-Tore and the Great Meteor geological complexes, critical areas within the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD).
The presentations discussed, among others, the characterization of the anthropogenic pressures in those areas, which is the main goal of BIOMETORE Work Package 4. The discussion also focused on the importance of ocean observing technologies using AUVs in these remote areas (at the scope of the BLUECOM +),. as well as data management and share supporting a sustainability plan (SeaBioData project under the coordination of INESC TEC).