News published in Jornal da Madeira - paper edition September 9th - see attached file

«It is a Portuguese fishing research vessel

Noruega anchored at Funchal

Mário Camacho

It is a Portuguese fishing research vessel and belongs to the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere (IPMA). Called Noruega, it is anchored since the beginning of the week in pier 2 of the port of Funchal, as registers the photo provided by Sérgio Ferreira. Before cruising towards Sines, it will stay here for a few more days. It was built in 1978 and is 47.5 m long and has a 13.75 m beam, as well as gross weight of 495 tons. In 2011, it was announced that it would be replaced by another vessel, the nowadays called Mar Portugal (ex. Kommandor Calum), that is located in Lisbon for a year now, going through a revitalization process before entering at the service for the Portuguese Institute for Sea and Atmosphere. Noruega operates with circa 15 crew members and dedicates itself to several bio-oceanographical surveys, being at the moment on a BIOMETORE survey, that consists on the acquisition of several information and data on biodiversity and ecosystems characterization of the seamounts complex located between the Portuguese shore and Madeira archipelago.»

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