Survey 3 - Benthic communities; habitats physical and chemical characterization of the Great Meteor Seamounts

partida: 2015-09-14     chegada: 2015-10-01


Cientista Responsável/Chief Scientist: Marina Carreiro-Silva (IMAR, MARE) Restante equipa técnico-científica/Remaining scientific team: Telmo Morato, Íris Sampaio, Renato Bettencourt (IMAR, MARE) Ana Martins, Clara Loureiro (DOP-UAç ) André Gonçalves (IPMA) Catarina Mendes (IPL-ESTM) António Calado, Andreia Afonso, Bruno Ramos, Carlos Neto (EMEPC)


Lisbon, Atlantis, Irving, Lisbon


The cruise took place on board the NRP Almirante Gago Coutinho, between September 14 and October 1, 2015. The full cruise report is available here.

The objectives of this cruise were:

  • to map benthic communities inhabiting the seamounts of the Great Meteor Complex;
  • identify new vulnerable marine ecosystems and quantify potential anthropogenic impacts;
  • collect biological and seawater samples;
  • collect multibeam and backscatter data, and collect oceanographic data to characterize oceanographic processes and planktonic communities.

The data were collected in the Great Meteor seamounts chain, in particular in the Atlantis and Irving seamounts.
The survey counted with the participation of the EMEPC personnel operating the Remote Operated Vehicle (ROV) “Luso” for recording of video images and collection of biological samples.

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